Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well…we were supposed to have our apt tomorrow, but I started to spot last night so I was worried that I may be starting to miss-carry, so we called the doc this morning and went and had another ultrasound done…sure enough IM PREGNANT! He said everything looked great and the baby’s heart was beating at 122!!! SO here goes number FOUR! Our due date is October 16th, but with all of my complications with Grant he suggests we do another c-section, so we will schedule about a week early!! Maybe we could have it on the 10th…10.10.10 would be a cool birthday! I’m kind of bummed that I cant have it vaginally but its for the best so I have to be okay with it! Here is our first picture of the new addition! ENJOY…so small you cant really see him/her but I thought it was neat anyways!

                  2-25-2010 2;42;52 PM

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pregnant…not Pregnant?

Well here it goes….

I may be pregnant with baby number 4…I may not be. Here is the story... It all started when I made the decision to do the HCG diet (I know, say what you want about it, but I lost 18lbs in 3 weeks and I feel great) shortly after Mike and I went down to do our tax returns and it turns out we are getting a pretty hefty return (gotta love it) so that gets the wheels spinning! I decided that I wanted to go get a boob job…and I don’t care who knows about it! Anyways…the DECISION was MADE…I went and got a consult and said lets go for it! We scheduled for Friday the 19th and had my pre-op for Monday the 15th. The pre-op went great, I signed my life away, paid for them, they took my blood and said we will see you Friday!!! The nurse that would be in on my surgery gives me a call on Tuesday the 16th and says “ Mrs. McCabe we got some interesting news from your blood work yesterday, you have high levels of HCG in your system and it looks like you may be pregnant.” I then explain to her that I had just been on the HCG diet and that’s what they were picking up and that I’m also on the 5 year “T” (IUD) and there is no way in H-E- double hockey sticks that I'm pregnant! ( just so you all are aware, the IUD is just as effective as getting your tubes tied, it is the ‘BEST’ form of birth control out there) She tells me that it is no big deal and all I would need to do is sign a form stating that I was on HCG, but she did recommend that I make sure with my gynecologist. I said no biggie! So…I call the Doc and tell him the story, since I was on HCG the only way they can tell for sure is to do an ultrasound…so we schedule for that afternoon and this is what happened!

Dr. Hale: “Hmmm…that's interesting, your IUD is perfectly in place, but it looks like I see a sack.”

Me: “a sack? a sack of what? I know you’re not telling me im pregnant right Dr. Hale?

Dr Hale: “well if you were, it would be too early to see a fetus and too early to pick up a heart beat, with that said I can’t clear you for your surgery and cant quite tell you that you're pregnant.”

Me: “well if it’s not a baby, then what else could the “sack” be?”

Dr. Hale: “it could be a cluster of blood, (meaning I was about to start my period) or I could be pregnant and having a miscarriage, or… I’m pregnant and we just cant hear the heart beat because it is too early!”

Me: “if you had to choose one, what would it be, shoot me straight doc! I can take it…I think.”

Dr. Hale: “I would say that you are about 5 weeks and 3 days along…”

So…I may be pregnant…I may not be.

I in NO way was expecting to go in there and hear this news. I in NO way was ready for another baby, having just got over major hurdles with Grant, I in NO way want to experience anything like that again! I in NO way thought that at the age of 22 I would be on my way to having FOUR kids…I in NO way am prepared to have a miscarriage! BUT…. I KNOW that having children is such a blessing, and I should be thankful that it happens easily for me. I do KNOW that I will love this baby as much as my others. I KNOW that no matter what everything will be okay… I guess my boobs can wait ;)

We have scheduled another appointment for next Friday, by that time, if I am pregnant, we should be able to hear the heart beat!