Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update...What we've been upto in the past 4 months!!!

Wow- What can I say, life is hectic with my three kiddos!! We have had a lot happen to us in the time we have been away to the blogging world!! Here are some of the highlights from these past months....

James (aka Jimmy) TURNED 1!!! Our crazy little j man had his 1st b-day on August 2nd! As you can see, he had a BLAST eating his very own cake! (family tradition) He loved being in the spot-light for his special day and had a great time at pops and amma's!

Kingston (aka King) also had a b-day, on August 21st! He turned the BIG 3! We had a great party for him and he got some great gifts! Just to name a few... REAL golf clubs, REAL bow and arrows ( from papa of course ) REAL binoculars, spider man scooter with ALL of the appropriate gear and much much more!

We kissed that tiny 2 bedroom condo good-bye and moved into a new house in October and couldn't be happier!! We now have enough breathing room for the 5 of us! The boys have a great backyard to play in and enough space for their very own play room! We love our new home and will update with pics soon!

Grant is doing so amazing! He is such a miracle and a blessing to our family, we couldn't imagine life with out him. He has GAINED 7.5 lbs since our last post, and now weighs 12.6 lbs! I know that is still tiny for an almost 7 month old but for him, it is HUGE! (the other boys weighed that at 2 months) Not only has he gained weight but he has out grown his hormone deficiency and no longer has to be on meds for the rest of his life...that's right-NO MEDS!! Here is a picture of our perfectly healthy little boy!

Mike and I have been lucky enough to have a couple of date nights. We are so thankful to our family for being brave enough to take on all the kids so we can have a few hours to ourselves!

Mike is also THAT much closer to being done with school! I'm so proud of him... and also can't wait for him to be done!!
Glad I was able to take an hour and update! Kids are now awake, so duty calls.


  1. I just read your comment and i can't beleive that it actually works! I will try it as soon as i go get gloves and a stone:) Thanks! And you look so darling! still a hot mama even after 3 kids! I'm glad you updated, i have not heard anything about your little one but I am glad he is doing okay.:)

  2. Its good to see that your baby is happy and healthy what a blessing!! You look great we should get together and have our boys play sometime that would be fun!!

  3. Hey, Yes I agree when the bussle of Christmas is over lets get together!!
    Also I dont post to my blog from blogger. I actually found this really neat windows program that you download and link it to your blog its so much easier!! and I am having a love affair with it. Anyway Just go hear http://windowslivewriter.spaces.live.com/
    and download it to your computer and then walk throught the steps to link it to your blog its pretty easy and then have fun it gives a bunch of options for borders and things like that.
    let me know if you have any questions. After Christmas I might do a post about it on my own blog for more fun stuff. Merry Christmas!!